A Florida Vacation Paradise

A Florida Vacation Paradise can mean a lot of various options in the sunshine state. I like Daytona Beach and there are many other beaches that are awesome as well. In fact, all the way to the keys there are so many wonderful beaches to visit. You can get all sorts of food along your travels along the Florida coastline too. And there are always bargains to be found if you look for them. I can eat pretty cheap most days and still get very enjoyable food. I have learned that some food trucks have excellent food. I never knew that until a friend of mine told me about that concept. Once I began to explore the food truck thing I soon realized that she was right. There is a lot of great food at some of the food trucks. I am sure you have seen them before. They are a big box looking truck with some sort of food advertised on the side. You should try some. You too might be pleasantly surprised.

If you are planning a trip to Florida then you might want to carefully consider either coastline. Both have a lot to offer and you won’t be disappointed either way you go. I tend to stick with the east side for some reason. I think it is because that is what I grew accustomed to in my early travels. Have Fun!

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