In My Travels Across America

In My Travels Across America I have seen many things all over our great country. I have been to every state except Alaska and Hawaii. As I have visited all these states I can tell you that this country is filled with excellent scenery and very nice people. The difference between California and Connecticut is just the scenery. There are salt of the earth people in both locations and everywhere in between. I was surprised at the diversity in California. The first time I went there was to visit Los Angeles. There are all types of people there coming from all over the world. Everyone just trying to make a statement in one fashion or another. It is eye opening if you have never experienced such diversity you might be surprised as well. It was similar in New York City. The diversity of people will really have you learning about folks from all over the world. But the scenery is so different from one side of America to the other.

Depending what time of year you are traveling would dictate where you might want to go. Of course it might also depend the type of weather or climate you prefer. I tend to head to warmer climate in the winter months. Too much cold weather when I was growing up in Connecticut I suppose. It’s nice that America offers such a variety of climates. The winters up in the Northern section are long and can be harsh. But if you spend the winter in Florida or California you pretty much avoid almost all the cold. Which I certainly prefer. Can you tell I might prefer water skiing over snow skiing?

No matter where I have traveled I have found the nicest people are everywhere. Hospitality is alive and well from one coast to the other. There is great food available anywhere you go and you don’t have to look hard to find some. In My Travels Across America I have been impressed with how hard people are willing to work to accomplish their dreams. This is what this country is known for. In America you can accomplish your dreams!

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